Moon-Pi - Miner Token

The token used to power crypto mining on your mobile device

A community release token, building a better mobile mining app to be used as currency on different platforms all over the world!

Built on the BSC smart chain, for a cheaper, more efficient movement of your crypto assets.

MoonPiMiner will use a trusted node system to verify transactions and mined blocks with surrounding trust nodes.

Simplified, Quicker, Safer.

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Moon scape
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Road Map

Version 1.0.0

Q1 2022 -

-Website design, launch.

-Token Release.

-Listing on Bitmart.

Q2 2022 -

-Listing on KuCoin + 2 additonal exchanges

-Beta release of mining and testing App

Q3 2022 -

-List payment app on Google / Apple Store

-Secure fiat transaction protocols

-List with payment App

Q4 2022 -

- Launch giveaways on approved exchanges

- Website and UI upgrade release of V1.2.0


Token Address:

Copy and paste into pancakeswap - click to buy



obile Phone bacground
Pi symbol

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum mining have become  out of reach for new  miners.
The new Moon-Pi-Miner will be built to mine directly on your mobile device without  sacrificing  the device  power usage or data when connected to wi-fi


Why Moon-Pi-Miner